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Now that that's out of the way. This book was fucking supercalifragilisticsespialodocious wonderful. Like. Wonderful. Heartwrenching made me so emotional I almost punched my computer screen and raged at myself good while crying in hysterics because my eyes read the words but my brain twisted the words to incomprehension and I didn't believe them so I read a few parts about 5 times and lo and behold the words didn't change. It deserves 20 stars (a combined 10 and 10 for 1 and 2)

I am Infinity% Team Trojan. This love triangle is so fucked up. Now I'm not going to make a statement like I hate Burn and not justify my feelings. I'll get to that but right now. Trojan. He was MY fucking rock. I loved him from the first. Before he even introduced himself I had a feeling of who he was. He is the definition of devotion. He stayed by her through everything and honestly I don't think that she could have ever met a man that would compare to him for all time. Trojan was ALL about Burn and to me she took that shit for granted. It feels like she literally used him as a place holder while Brody was gone.

I don't understand how someone sticks by your side through one of the hardest events of your life and helps you through it. Like with everything. EVERYTHING and you can't weed through your feelings to realize you're in love with him. HELL I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM WHEN HE AMBUSHED MIKE AND EMILY. After that he was it for me. I admit in the 1st book when we first met Brody and he took to Burn I was all for Team Brody but then he just dropped. Out of sight. Completely.

You are not going to tell me that if your first love moves across the country and you move on that he comes back and spends one day with you and you just give it up like nothing ever changed. I can't get with that. At that point I was just like "Burn you're a bitch" The whole time I read that part my hand was over my mouth and I was shaking my head back and forth. No nono nonononononononono.

After that I was proud of Trojan losing his shit. Albeit he could have not used the gun but really idgaf, he was justified. Fast Forward 2 years and its been 2 YEARS since she's seen Brody in person but she gets with Trojan, really in a relationship with him and she can't end the relationship with Brody? Why are you still holding on? No boo no, you're fucking up a good thing monumentally. That was fucking stupid.

At this point I feel like Brody is a big little kid because he's spiteful to her. I understand that he went through all this stuff but the way he came back was fucked up. On top of that she's inconsolable because she hurt Brody? What the fuck about Trojan? That man was devastated and I wanted to be the woman he ran to for comfort. Only he took her back. Why?

Okay getting past my animosity for Burn ( I have a hellavu lot let me tell you) I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy when she decided to take things to the next level with him. Then that whole subpoena shit happened and she pushed back the wedding. Not only at this time is someone plotting on their relationship ending but she goes and cheats. I can't take that. I understand why she did it. I really really really really really really really really really really really do. I promise I do but I feel like it wasn't justified. If you are gonnna stick by your man. Stick by him don't do something that could potentially rip you apart so bad you never get your shit back. That was stupid. Really. It was.

So finally all the bullshit stops and they get married (Trojan and Burn) and omg was I fucking ecstatic. I was so fucking elated I almost popped a bottle of champagne because I thought she was finally getting her shit together. You have no idea how I was ready for a little Trojan running around. NO FUCKING IDEA. NONE. WHATSOEVER. Then she drops the biggest bomb on my heart that literally destroys me. You know how they describe the bad man's demise in books well let me describe my emotions. I read the bomb and I am so happy I wasn't at work because I immediately started crying. It felt like someone took a chainsaw and plunged it into my chest, made an arc through my body and ripped my heart out. I. Was. Destroyed.

I couldn't get past it so I kept reading a bit detached. Until I found out that she was suffering. Suffering so much she didnt do anything but work for 3 years. I was appeased. Very little. But still something is better than nothing at all.

Alright so we pick back up and the crew gets her to go on vacation and
she pulls a Stella *Got her groove back* (Honestly I think she should have suffered for the rest of eternity) and lo and behold Brody. So they pick up like nothing has happened or changed in the past 10 or so years they've been going through their drama and they reconnect.

They get home and the shit hits the fan. All sense of norm is banished and everyone crosses lines that you would have never thought would be breached. It was a proud moment for me, it truly was. They finally (I'm only saying this because it seems like this is what her hearts TRUE desire really was) and they get married. *Yay right?* Not for me I still hate Burn. And then its like happily ever after for her.

I am finally done. I have never shown animosity towards a heroine before but I can honestly say that Burn grinded all my motherfucking gears. With everything. I loved the story yes it was beautifully written and I feel like I connected the most with Trojan and her girls, Angel and Alicia because they didn't play a role in my heartbreak. I believe the real reason that I don't like Burn so much is because she kept breaking my heart over and over again like a scratched record. I think that if you haven't read it you should It is an EXCELLENT read, very fast and I finished both books today while working. It was really good. If you on team #HateBurn you know how I feel and won't judge me too harshly. TEAM TROJAN!






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